Rövşən Abdullaoğlu

Rovshan Abdullaoglu earned his first degree from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Then he academically studied cognition and the human inner world. He went on to study theology, Eastern and Western philosophy at various universities for nine years. Then he earned a degree as a consulting gestalt therapy psychologist at the Moscow Institute of Positive Technologies and Consulting.


He is sure that what people need most is a healthy philosophy about life and good literature. When writing a book, he strives to ensure that the reader sees himself in the work, as if looking in a mirror, and finds answers to his vital questions.


He began with writing scholarly and philosophical books. Then, he wrote five books on psychological motivation. Now he mostly writes novels; This City is Empty, The Man on the Rails, Abaddon, and the serial novel The Tracker are the best-known ones. At the moment, Rovshan Abdullaoglu is the author of 27 books, most of which are best sellers in Azerbaijan, and have achieved success at the international level, too. Recently three of his books have been published in Turkey and met with interest. His novels got great reviews from American book rating companies. His works have been translated into English, Russian,  and Turkish.


He has visited many places: Europe, the Middle East, Scandinavia, Africa, Latin America, and Antarctica. Everything he sees on his trips gives him ideas for writing. To see, to know, to feel, and then to create: this gives a special flavor to fiction. It comes to life and breathes, enriched by the writer's vivid impressions.


He also conducts training programs and seminars on personal development at several universities, and he participates in TV programs regularly.