This City is Empty

Rovshan Abdullaoglu

“Willie, a man only needs ten seconds to start feeling happy.”

“What do you mean, ten seconds?”

Smiling, as usual, he said, “All one needs is to think of someone like me.”


The spectacular story of two wounded souls healing each other breaks all mental boundaries. Willie's success in football culminated in an invitation to join the Dallas Cowboys, which seemed to guarantee him a great future. He played impressively; however, blows of fate were not as easy to resist as sports’ rivals were. The indifference and betrayal of loved ones forced Willie into an inner fortress; he lost all interest in life. Changing jobs yet again, he became a janitor at a hospital.

Here, he encounters a young immigrant who has gone through great losses and the horrors of war, and now is fighting cancer. At the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, people call him an angel. Usually, patients with a diagnosis like his don’t have long to live, but the young immigrant with a positive outlook on life is not afraid. Rather than thinking about his own death, he sets himself a challenge: to bring Willie back to life.

Will this “angel” who has preserved a human love inside be able to untie Willie from his past and set him free? 

Everyone meets his or her own “angel” in life. Sometimes, it is another human being; sometimes it’s a book. 

The novel, which became a best seller in its native Azerbaijan in 2016–2018 and has been published 19 times, gave hope to thousands of people and saved many who were on the verge of suicide. The friendship of the two protagonists stands for universal values and their victory over social, religious, and national barriers.

This book is dedicated to everyone who never gives up and stands up to cancer and other great challenges. 


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Release date: 13.04.2021 Subject of the book: psychological novel

The Man on The Rails

Rovshan Abdullaoglu

“A terrifying red train was speeding along the rails. That train, which passes by here daily, seemed so sinister to me now. For it was rushing toward me . . .”

The life paths of two strangers, both of whom have decided to commit suicide by train, cross on the iron rails. They are looking for a way out of life's dilemmas and see no reason why they should continue living. Their lives are approaching the final station; they are waiting for the death train.

These rails in Canada take the reader back to the past when the protagonists haven’t been born yet. The beautiful and stubborn Serbian woman, Adriana, comes to Mostar to write an article about the rights of Serbs being violated in the Balkan Peninsula. Her prejudiced views change when she gets to know Mostar and her good-natured and intelligent guide. Despite herself, Adriana, who was raised with hatred for the Bosnians, falls in love with a man from this “hostile” nation. Her fascinating life story reflects the struggle on the way to one’s deeper self, which unfolds against the background of love, selflessness, betrayal, and the horror of the Srebrenica massacre. Who will win in this struggle?

This novel shows how deeply a human being can sink, what evil floats up when one gets into trouble, and also the spiritual peaks to which a human can ascend. On the one side, a terrible war, whose main victims are women and children. On the other, love, coming out victorious in the hardest trials. It might be easy to die for the sake of loved ones; to live for them, dying and being reborn every day for years—that is the toughest task of love.  


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Release date: 13.04.2021 Subject of the book: psychological novel